Flow Through or Flow Parallel Method

This method is useful if the air stream has no particulate, is non-condensing and contains higher concentrations of odor or VOC’s. All the air flows through the electrodes in this case and you will gain the benefit of the intense plasma field in oxidizing the odors and VOC’s in the air stream. This is typically..

Flow Through Series or Series Parallel Method

It is also possible to configure the plasma fields in series or series/parallel to treat higher concentrations of VOC’s.

Injection Method

The Injection method can be very effective in cases where you need to treat odorous air emissions from most types of human food, animal feed or other biological source emissions (tobacco, composting, etc), or where you need to treat solvent VOC’s that are very dilute, perhaps 5 ppm or lower. This method can apply anywhere..

Recirculate Options

This diagram is similar to the others shown, however, it has the addition of recirculating some of the reactive oxygen species back into the building. In the case of handling municipal solid waste (city/residential garbage), the tipping floor in the transfer station will always have the odor of the garbage. When you recirculate some activated..