The Injection method can be very effective in cases where you need to treat odorous air emissions from most types of human food, animal feed or other biological source emissions (tobacco, composting, etc), or where you need to treat solvent VOC’s that are very dilute, perhaps 5 ppm or lower. This method can apply anywhere from 0.2 to 5 watts per m3/hr into the air being treated and the compounds in the air will be oxidized to non-odorous or environmentally safe forms.

In some cases where the odor is not too intense and/or VOC’s can be detected in the parts per billion range and roughly 0.5 watts per cfm is needed, then approximately 25% of the air flow can go through the Air Phaser plasma field to create the reactive oxygen species to treat the other 75% of the air flow.

The other advantage of this method is that you can treat large volume air flows with only a few cold plasma fields as only minor portion of the treated air needs to go through the cold plasma fields and you can duct as many cold plasma fields in parallel as needed.