This method is useful if the air stream has no particulate, is non-condensing and contains higher concentrations of odor or VOC’s. All the air flows through the electrodes in this case and you will gain the benefit of the intense plasma field in oxidizing the odors and VOC’s in the air stream. This is typically used in cases where the VOC concentration is in the higher end, typically above 5 ppm. This method can apply from 1 to 25 watts per cubic foot of air per minute and is best where high intensity treatment is needed. Cold plasma fields can be configured in parallel to handle larger air volume flows.

Some applications will need an ozone destruction stage after the plasma section. This is because an intense plasma field also creates ozone in high concentrations (up to 90ppm) and such must be brought back to acceptable levels prior to environmental release. There is an added benefit to this, however. There are a few options and additional benefits with this stage because it also acts as a catalyst.