“Modern, Clean Tech Solution”

  • Air Phaser is a modern, clean tech solution that neutralizes the odor in large volumes of air emissions that are typical of production factories and facilities that process bio-materials.
  • Large scale odorous air emissions typically impact surrounding neighborhoods, causing complaints and such complaints can threaten the operations of these facilities.
  • Air Phaser can reduce odors, in many cases, exceeding 90% reduction.

“Cost Effective, Compact and Modular”

  • The Air Phaser solution is cost effective, compact and modular so that it can be expanded in modules to treat any air volume.
  • It can be configured multiple ways to adapt to any industry or concentration in the most cost effective application.
  • It does this using only a modest amount of electricity and no other consumables – such as chemicals or water, and has very low maintenance needs.

“B.A.C.T (Best Available Control Technology) “

  • Air Phaser technology qualifies under B.A.C.T (Best Available Control Technology) in many cases and can be used as a primary odor reduction stage.
  • It can also be used as a secondary odor reduction stage for existing equipment that is not reducing the odor emissions adequately.
  • This preserves the initial investment by augmenting with additional effectiveness possible with Air Phaser’s non-thermal plasma (NTP) technology.

Some of the industries that have odorous air emissions we can treat


Garbage Dump


Pet Food


Food Industry




Sewage Sludge


Meat Packing


Tobacco Industry


Oil Processing