High energy “Non-Thermal Plasma” (NTP) technology combined with integral catalyst oxidizes and/or reduces VOC’s and odors in air streams ranging from 500 CFM to over 1,000,000 CFM.

Is able to neutralize some VOC’s that chemical scrubbing has minimal effect on, as ionic and covalent molecular bonding is disrupted in the gaseous Oxidation and Reduction reactions.

The gas phase, chemical reactions are due to the high energy density, electrically energized NTP field and presence of the integral catalyst metal the electrodes are constructed from

Multiple Plasma units are placed together in parallel to provide treatment of large flow volumes. This also gives a “graceful degradation” feature in that if one cabinet has problems and shuts down (it will isolate itself) while the others remain in operation and still treat the volumes of air they are processing.

Patented fully ceramic and metal plasma generation cells are designed and built for long life and require no regeneration. There are no wearing or consumed parts.

Only consumable is electricity and fresh air inlet filters.Most odors and VOCs are converted to CO2 and H2O with no solid or liquid waste generated

Can be combined with other technologies, such as particulate removal, spray tower systems or other polishing type treatment prior to environmental release.

Compact installation size and modular design (customization also possible for tight spaces). Can be fit into almost any existing process without the need for significant space requirements and modules can be added for future expansion.

Programmable logic controllers(PLC) controlled plasma level is nearly instant on and adjustable to match varying VOC and odor loads

The modular design enables the APE system to easily expand the air treatment capacity from 500 to over 1,000,000 CFM simply by paralleling APE plasma unit modules.

The Air Phaser system is also fault tolerant so that any plasma unit that might have a failed NTP electrode plate can be shut down and serviced while leaving all other plasma units running.

Each plasma unit is only about the size of a home refrigerator therefore the APE systems compact footprint can be configured to fit in almost any existing facility. Where there is a need, we can also custom design cabinets to fit unusual situations.

System Examples